Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod at Nina Dobrev’s 25th birthday.

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adamlambert: @chriscolfer and I bringin a little glam to @GLEEonFOX last night.

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Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi of Germany skate to Chris Colfer’s version of ‘Le Jazz Hot’ in the Team Figure Skating Pairs’ Free Skate, Sochi 2014 (8th Feb 2014)

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if you say ‘chris colfer’ three times in front of a mirror he’ll come out of the mirror and simultaneously write a third sequel to the land of stories, film a new movie, memorize his lines for an episode of glee, pitch and sell another idea to disney, recite the queen’s christmas speech from the year of his birth from memory, fix the relations between palestine and israel, and instagram brian doing a somersalt.

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“I met Chris Colfer recently. He’s a fucking amazing kid, I love what he is, I love what he thinks and his fucking lovely smile. He’s such a beautiful kid. He told me “I love your music and your acting.” I said “I want to be your father.” He’s so fucking adorable.”

Jared Leto, about Chris Colfer - Nylon Magazine (via sweetklainekisses)

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