“Honestly, when the final shot of the final episode [of Glee] is done, I think I’ll be sad then. But as everyone knows, the show is very, very hard to do. I mean, physically, a lot of hours, and a lot of work, dancing, singing, acting constantly. So I think I’m gonna have to wait until it’s absolutely over to be sad, is when it’ll hit me and I’ll be able to feel it. But now I’m just like, okay, got another season to do. But it’ll hit me when it’s over, it hasn’t quite hit me yet.”

Chris Colfer [x]

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hrhchriscolfer: Gotta work hard for that summer body!

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Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod at Nina Dobrev’s 25th birthday.

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adamlambert: @chriscolfer and I bringin a little glam to @GLEEonFOX last night.

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