7:43 a.m.
by LJ (pandolfo-malatesta)
“My Mad Fat Diary”
Rae had time for a good think before Finn woke up.

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Klaine Advent: Message


Set during 5x06: “Movin’ Out”

The night Blaine gets to New York, Kurt takes him out to dinner.

He has been compiling a list for this on his phone, mostly places he wants to take Blaine that he loves, like the Spanish place on Flushing and the deli near NYADA where he gets coffee and a bagel when he can spare the cash, and places that he thinks Blaine will love—a Thai bistro with communal tables and live music—but he also has another shorter list: one made of just places that he has never been, that he and Blaine can experience for the first time, together. The restaurant he picks for tonight is from that list.

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Slick Wet Soaked (Klaine, NC-17)


Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~5,5k
Warnings: boypussy, some d/s elements, and very graphic watersports/pissplay

Written for this prompt on the GKM. 

The first time it happens, it’s by accident.

Not a complete accident; they’ve talked about it before, tentative discussions in the safe darkness of their bedroom, but the first time it happens, it’s without any planning.

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scrunchydarren prompted: Blaine walking in on Kurt masturbating (and then encouraging him to finish).
AKA early!Klaine where they’re new boyfriends & they’re both boarding at Dalton. Rated R.

(early!klaine meme yay)

"It’s late," Kurt says between kisses, knowing he should let go of the lapels of Blaine’s blazer but not quite able to bring himself to do it. "You should probably get going, you know, before…"

"Before I can’t stop kissing you?" Blaine finishes for him, smiling sweetly, his eyes crinkling at the corners when Kurt darts forward to kiss him again. "We’re not very good at this whole saying goodnight thing."

Kurt sighs. Blaine has a point - they’ve been “saying goodnight” with lazy kisses for the past five minutes with no real sign of stopping, taking turns pulling away only for the other to lean in for one more last kiss.

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Peruse Him By Items


Word count: 2565

Warnings: None (except the standard D/s overtones we get with me in this ‘verse)

Summary: An EF one-shot! Totally unplanned, but it sort of popped into my head the other day and then I wrote it. Just some incredibly schmoopy post-coital Klaine. I guess I was in a schmoopy mood. I said I’d get it out today and I’m creeping in under the wire. Hope you guys like it!

“What’s your favorite part of my body?”


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Summary: Season 2 Kurt meets Season 5 Kurt. 

In which I fill a cracky prompt from Chelsea. 

Kurt is actually pretty terrified to get his wisdom teeth removed.

“I’m sure it will be fine,” says Blaine sincerely as they sit in the Lima Bean. “Don’t you get drugged for that sort of thing?”

“Well, yeah,” says Kurt. “But still – I’m getting four teeth surgically removed from my mouth. Forgive me if I’m a little hesitant about trusting someone to do that. Even if that someone is incredibly attractive and whose teeth shine brighter than a star.”

Blaine raises his eyebrows at that. “Am I missing something?”

Kurt shrugs. “My dentist. Carl. Let’s just say, he and Mrs. Pillsbury were a thing. Point is: he’s nice to look at.”

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Anonymous prompted: Blaine watching a playback of Roar and seeing this (x) and getting self conscious and Kurt telling him he’s a dummy and he likes the tum (((I feel like you get a lot of prompts like this but honestly I saw the jiggle and just smiled because Darren’s lil tum /)w(\ there’s never enough tum love)))

"Something’s on your mind," Kurt says as soon as they finish their hellos, and Blaine sighs, pulling the blanket tighter around his shoulders and staring at the laptop. He’s trying not to sulk, but he doesn’t think he’s succeeding.


"You’re blanket-burritoing, Blaine, and you only do that when you’re upset or sick." Blaine slumps and Kurt’s voice softens. "What’s wrong, sweetie? You know you can tell me anything."

"It’s… kind of silly."

"So are two-hour discussions about which Salvatore brother is hotter, but we still did that the other day, didn’t we?" Kurt says with a smile, leaning forward to rest his chin on his hand. "Try me."

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kingblaine prompted: first time kurt and blaine make out and kurt is nervous and doesn’t really know what to do and blaine notices and ~teaches him ( ˘ ³˘)

(early!klaine meme yay)

"I really don’t want to stop kissing you," Kurt says breathlessly between kisses, their foreheads tilted together, Blaine’s long eyelashes tickling his cheek. That happens a lot when they kiss and it never fails to make Kurt smile, lips tugging up before he presses them back to Blaine’s.

"We don’t have to, you know," Blaine says after a beat, pulling back so Kurt can meet his warm gaze. "Are you okay with laying down? Just to keep kissing, I promise.” Blaine gestures to his bed across his room and Kurt’s pulse speeds up, stomach twisting tightly in a way that’s not entirely unpleasant.

"Yeah, sure, of course," Kurt says, and he shares a nervous laugh with Blaine when he lies back and Blaine moves on top of him, an awkward shuffle of limbs until Blaine’s shrugging out of his Dalton blazer and settling over Kurt on the mattress.

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since it’s three years since kurt and blaine met today, i combined my post 5x04 fic with having kurt talking (gushing) to someone else about his blaine. ♥

“So engaged, huh?” Elliott can’t help but to ask as he leans back against the couch, the question on the tip of his tongue finally slipping out. 

He keeps his voice hushed, Rachel having already gone to bed a couple of hours ago and Santana tugging Dani with her to her room a few moments before.

Kurt’s face lights up with a proud little smile, eyes darting down to his ring and he lifts his hand almost unconsciously, spreading his fingers to look at it.

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