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“Spring Awakening is about children exploring their sexuality in Germany in the late nineteenth century. My role changed considerably from when I did the workshops at age fourteen (kissing and innuendo) to when I was nineteen (full-on simulated sex), to the point that I eventually got a Post-it in my dressing room that simply stated, “We should see your breasts,” from the director, Michael Mayer. I was excited to do this, quite honestly, because I loved challenging the people in the audience who found it uncomfortable. I did have a clause in my contract, though, that I never had to do it when my dad was in the audience.”

Lea Michele, Brunette Ambition

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A Tragedy of Childhood

A playlist for The Hunger Games series using songs from Spring Awakening.


1. Mama Who Bore Me (The Reaping)
mama, who gave me no way to handle things, who made me so sad

2. All That’s Known (Gale Hawthorne)
wars are made and somehow that is wisdom

3. Totally Fucked (Tributes)
will they mess you up, well you know they’re gonna try

4. Left Behind
all things he never did are left behind

5. The Mirror-Blue Night
there’s nowhere to hide, from these bones, from my mind

6. Touch Me (Finnick Odair)
men on distant ships, the women with them, swimming with them to shore

7. The Word of Your Body (Everlark)
don’t feel a thing, you wish, grasping at pearls with my fingertips

8. Those You’ve Known
those you’ve known and lost still walk behind you

9. Whispering (Katniss Everdeen)
little miss didn’t do right, went and ruined all the true plans

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The Bitch Of Living - Spring Awakening

The Bitch of Living//Spring Awakening

She said: “Give me that hand, please
And the itch you can’t control
Let me teach you how to handle
All the sadness in your soul
Oh, we’ll work that silver magic
Then we’ll aim it at the wall”
She said: “Love may make you blind kid-
But I wouldn’t mind at all”

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Whispering - Lea Michele

Had a sweetheart on his knees
So faithful and adoring
And he touched me, and I let him love me 
So let that be my story

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The Dark I Know Well - Spring Awakening

The Dark I Know Well - Spring Awakening cast

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Malcolm Liepke

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The original Broadway production of Spring Awakening opened at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre on December 10, 2006.

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